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MENCK's history goes as deep as the foundations of our hydraulic hammers. Dating back to 1868, our 150 year record has seen some major milestones in innovation, company structure and major projects. The timeline below covers some of MENCK's most notable achievements in construction and pile driving.

2014: MENCK provides world’s largest and most powerful hydraulic hammer MHU 3500S
           for wind farm construction

2013: Establishment of MENCK Pte. Singapore
           Manufacture of steam boilers, winches and drop hammers

2009: Development of the MHU 100C
           MENCK's smallest hydraulic offshore hammer for the conductor market

2008: First back of the boat project, reaching a world record depth of 1929 m

2006: First MHU 1900S available for rent

2005: Introduction of the 20" combi winch for operating lines (hydraulic/air/electrical/data umbilical)

2004: Introduction of the MHC 21
          The new hammer control system for MENCK hydraulic hammers and power packs and
          development of the air-cooled power pack MHP 800

2002: MENCK headquarters moves to Kaltenkirchen/Germany

2000: First installation of a wind farm in Utgrunden/Sweden (MHU 500T)

1995: Introduction of the DWS umbilical winch 1550 m

1994: Construction of the MHU 1700T hydraulic hammer;
           First commercial deepwater system job with the MUP 48

1993: Acquisition by Jay Ray McDermott (USA)

1992: Foundation of the MENCK GmbH

1989: Testing of the MHU 400T DWS (deep water system) with MUP 48

1987: Production of the MHU 3000 - the largest MHU hydraulic hammer in operation

1981: Introduction of the first underwater power pack, operated with the MHU 1700 and thus called MUP

1980: Introduction of the MHU 1700 - the first hydraulic hammer in operation

1977: Introduction of the MRBU 6000 - the first hydraulic hammer

1976: Introduction of the MRBS 12500 (125 t) - the largest working steam hammer in the world

1972: Introduction of a steam hammer with 70 t ram weight

1967: Introduction of the first MRBS 1500 with 15 t ram weight for offshore projects

1966: Acquisition by company Koehring

1936: Introduction of the first diesel hammer

1934: Introduction of the first MRB-type steam hammer

1883: Introduction of first steam hammer

1868: Founded in Hamburg

Starting with the foundation of MENCK & Hambrock in 1868, our products have become known for quality and reliability. Although we haven’t produced any construction equipment for over 45 years, there are still some MENCK excavators going strong. Since the 1960’s we have specialized in offshore pile driving, making the sea our home.

With over 45 years’ experience in the offshore industry, MENCK has gained unprecedented engineering and project management knowledge through extensive experience in pile driving. We have driven every type of piled foundation, from monopiles to jackets as well as conductors and specialized anchors, in thousands of pile installation jobs. Our experience, skilled staff and expertise enables us to develop creative solutions for any piling project.

We know offshore pile driving.

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