Boomvang SPAR

The Nansen and Boomvang fields lie in the East Breaks area of the Gulf of Mexico, approx. 150 miles south of Houston. Nansen lies in East Breaks block 602 and Boomvang lies in blocks 642, 643 and 683. Nansen lies in 3,678ft of water, while Boomvang lies in 3,453ft.

Both Nansen and Boomvang are being developed by the world's first truss spars. Spars International was contracted to design the almost identical systems. The truss design replaces the lower cylindrical hull in order to reduce weight and cost. The open truss structure also reduces movement and three heavy plates enhance stability. The Spars are 543ft in length and weigh 17,000t each. Air chambers in the upper hull provide buoyancy for the floating structures.

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Longditude 27.2
Latitude -94.37
Market Deepwater
Structure SPAR
Hammer DWS MHU 500T
Pile Diameter 2.1 m / 84"
Water Depth 1052 m / 3453 ft
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