Burbo Banks

MENCK was contracted with the provision of a MENCK MHU 800S hammer and associated equipment, consisting mainly of a surface power pack MHP 1100 on a rental basis to drive the 400 t heavy monopiles 25 m into the challenging soil. Due to the high variation of soil conditions, the client was prepared to use the drive-drill-drive solution to reach target pile penetration into the underlaying rock. However, no drilling was necessary as the MHU 800S drove all piles successfully to target penetration ahead of schedule. Due to the large tidal range and depending on the driving status at high tide level, some monopiles had to be driven several metres under water. This challenge was solved for the first time world- wide with the MENCK MHU 800S equipped with an underwater ballast to keep the hammer stable on top of the pile head during under- water driving.

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Longditude 53.496611
Latitude -3.223111
Market Wind
Structure Monopile
Hammer MHU 800S
Pile Diameter 4.7 m / 185"
Water Depth 7 m / 23 ft
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