Magnolia TLP

ConocoPhillips’ Magnolia TLP foundation piles have been driven in a water depth of almost 4,700 ft, making Magnolia the deepest TLP installation to date in the world. The foundation tendon piles have an OD of 96 in reducing at the top to a receptacle for the tendons and a drive head of 81 in. The piles, with a length of 339 ft, were driven to a target penetration of 313 ft. The installation was carried out from Saipem’s heavy lift vessel S7000 in dynamic positioning mode. Saipem has used MENCK hammers on numerous past projects ranging from the smallest to the mighty MHU 3000, the world’s largest hydraulic pile hammer. They have also used MENCK’s “slender” underwater power packs, but this is their first project using MENCK’s complete deepwater system including an MHU 500T hydraulic hammer powered by MENCK’s patented girdle style MUP underwater power pack. The 8 piles were driven in 7 days with a driving time of approx. 8 hours per pile. The 7 days included the time for stabbing 4 of the 8 piles.

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project image
Longditude 27.12139
Latitude -92.12901
Market Deepwater
Structure TLP
Hammer MHU 500T DWS
Pile Diameter 2.4 m / 96"
Water Depth 1420 m / 4659 ft
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