Samsø offshore wind farm pile driving


The wind farm off the island of Samsø in Denmark consists of ten 2.3 MW Bonus windmills with rotors of 82.4 m in diameter and a tower height of 56 m above water level, installed in 7 m depth of water. Monopiles, being the most secure and economical solution for offshore wind farm foundations, were selected for this project. MENCK was contracted to install the monopiles. With an OD of 4.5 m and a weight of up to 300 t, they are the largest piles ever used on an offshore wind farm. A special pile adaptor was designed and built to work with the MENCK MHU 600B, a hydraulic hammer that generates 600 kJ energy. A surface power pack delivers 1,100 L/min oil flow at 230 bar operating pressure. The MENCK operators responsible for the piling operations on site delivered the 10 piles in place and on time. In order to meet future requirements, MENCK has developed equipment to drive piles with diameters of up to 6 m.

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Longditude 55.750444
Latitude 10.581972
Market Wind
Structure Monopile
Hammer MHU 600B
Pile Diameter 4.5 m / 177"
Water Depth 17 m / 56 ft
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