Stampede FPU deepwater pile driving


Located in the Green Canyon (GC) area of the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, the Stampede project is a unitization of the Knotty Head and Pony developments. Knotty Head is located in GC512 and was discovered in 2005. Gross recoverable reserves have been estimated between 200 and 500 MMboe. Pony is located in block GC468 and was discovered in 2006. The fields lie in more that 3,000 feet of water.

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Longditude 27.27000045
Latitude -90.33999633
Market Deepwater
Structure FPU
Hammer MHU 500T DWS
Pile Diameter 108" / 81"
Water Depth 1.067 m / 3.521 ft
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