TRNC Water Supply


The project, first of its kind in the world, will supply 75,000,000 m³ of drinking and irrigation water to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus annually.

Starting at Anamur, Mersin, Turkey, the project terminates at Geçitköy, TRNC (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) after crossing across the sea at a depth of 280 m as well as via a suspension system having an overall length of approximately  80 km with a Ø 1600 mm diameter HDPE pipeline.

Components of TRNC Water Supply Project
• 80 km, Ø1600 mm diameter HDPE pipes
• 89.9 km, Ø116 mm and 3600 kN minimum breaking load of a polyester rope
• 132 ea. , 20 t buoyancy capacity, 3.7 m x5 m pontoon
• 134 ea. , 16 t Y shaped tie element
• 134 ea. , 200 t, 9m x 9m steel Anchor Structures
• 82 km of Smart Pipe System that measures heat, pressure, flow capacity, saltiness.

project image
Longditude 36.137026
Latitude 34.461337
Market Civil Engineering
Structure Anchor
Hammer MHU 100C
Pile Diameter 762 mm
Water Depth 280 m / 919 ft
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