Utgrunden offshore wind farm pile driving


The offshore wind farm at Utgrunden, Sweden with seven 1.5 MW turbines has been operating since autumn 2000, i.e. for almost five years. The relatively long operational experience and a number of specific features are of large interest for the rapidly developing field of offshore wind energy utilisation in general. Installed in autumn 2000, Utgrunden is one of the very first offshore wind energy projects based upon machines in the megawatt class. The plant consists of seven variable-speed, variable-pitch regulated 1.5 MW turbines of the type GE1.5s offshore and is situated 8 km offshore from the Swedish mainland near the island of Öland (Figure 1, Table I). It has been planned, designed and constructed as a turn-key project by GE Energy.

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project image
Longditude 56.336667
Latitude 16.268139
Market Wind
Structure Monopile
Hammer MHU 500T
Pile Diameter 3.5 m / 137"
Water Depth 10 m / 32 ft
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