Offshore wind farm Sandbank

Off the North Sea coast of Germany
Currently the offshore wind farm Sandbank is under construction. In summer 2015 the foundation installation works started and in February 2016 the last MPs and TPs were successfully installed. Construction is being carried out off the German North Sea coastline, in a project area located roughly 90 km west of the island of Sylt and in direct neighborhood to the offshore wind farm DanTysk which was commissioned in 2015.

Responsible for "Transport and Installation"
The construction features 72 Monopiles with a 6 m diameter and a length of up to 70 m. The longest piles weigh 900 t. The foundations are produced on dry land and transported on our barges to the load out harbor in Esbjerg. There, they are loaded on to the installation vessel Pacific Orca and transported directly to the project area. The Monopiles are rammed into the seabed with the at the moment largest hydraulic hammer in the world, MENCK’s MHU 3500S. Two systems are used for noise mitigation: 1. hydro sound dampers net (near-field system) and 2. big, double bubble curtain (far-field system). Once completed, the offshore wind farm Sandbank will provide electricity to approximately 400,000 households.



The project at a glance

Sandbank Offshore Wind GmbH
(joint venture between Vattenfall Europe Windkraft GmbH and Stadtwerke München GmbH)

German North Sea, approx. 90 km off the island of Sylt

Construction period:
2015 – 2016

Foundation type:

"Transport and Installation", Installation of 72 monopile foundations and transition pieces

Water depth:
24 - 34 m

Foundation dimensions:
Length: max. 70 m, ø: 6.80 m, weight: max. 900 t

Installed capacity:
288 MW, 4,0 MW/turbine

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