Offshore Wind WindEnergy Hamburg

Located in the Baltic Sea, approximately 75 km from the mainland close to the Island of Rügen, Wikinger is in the northern part of an area known as Westlich Adlergrund that the German authorities have designated as a Priority Offshore Development Area.

The site covers 34 km² and will host 70 Adwen AD5-135 wind turbines, generating up to 350 megawatts. At 5 megawatts, these are the largest turbines ever to be installed on an Iberdrola project.

MENCK delivered the MHU 1200S hammer spread with HDS-System for noise mitigation on time, so that the Wikinger project successfully started with pile driving activities on 8th April 2016.

Until now, 48 of 286 piles have been driven to target penetration. OWF involves ACTEON companies such as Large Diameter Drilling Ltd./UK (LDD) which supplied the design and engineering of the subsea pre-piling template including provision of hydraulics, control, noise migration and monitoring system and NCS UTEC /UK for provision of pile guiding frame monitoring system and heavy lift support services.


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