MENCK Supports Next Generation in Industry

Subsea pile driving specialist MENCK is investing in the future of industry with a scheme that trains apprentices across a variety of disciplines within the business.

The training scheme offers young professionals an opportunity to take on apprenticeships in the fields of industrial clerk, mechatronics, technical product design and qualified IT specialist. The apprenticeships all offer a wide range of professional development opportunities and a high level of internal support from the whole MENCK team, culminating in a well-respected external training qualification that offers significant opportunities for future careers.

Four trainees have recently completed their apprenticeships, during a shorter training timeframe, and now look forward to their professional future within MENCK:

• Noemi Klahn – Industrial Clerk
• Alexander James Polk – Mechatronics
• Lasse Rubart – Qualified IT Specialist
• Jan Thater – Industrial Clerk

“Even with the support that we offer, we understand that the training process can be a demanding time, so we are pleased to congratulate our trainees on the successful completion on their apprenticeships and look forward to seeing where this leads them in their future career,” says Fabian Hippe, Managing Director for MENCK. “Educating young professionals is an area of real importance for us and is an essential investment in the future, both of MENCK and of the civil engineering, wind, oil and gas sectors. Nurturing future talent will develop innovation in the industry, while helping MENCK to uphold its reputation for quality and customer satisfaction with future employees. We are excited to welcome more trainees to the apprenticeship scheme in the near future.”

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MENCK GmbH provides a range of specialised hydraulic pile driving solutions featuring hydraulic hammers from 100 to 3500 kJ, which help to build the foundations used for wind farm projects globally, offshore oil and gas installations and civil construction projects such as bridges, ports and harbours.

MENCK GmbH is an Acteon Company with 40 years of industry experience, delivering unprecedented engineering and pile driving knowledge from its team of highly trained offshore service technicians. MENCK’s hydraulic hammers are engineered in Germany near Hamburg.
For more information about MENCK, visit or call +49 (0) 4191-911-0.

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