The Mars field is located in the Gulf of Mexico about 130 miles south-east of New Orleans, US. The discovery well was drilled on Mississippi Canyon block 763 using the drillship Discoverer Seven Seas. Mars' TLP is 3,250ft high from the seafloor to the crown block of the drilling rig, and its steel weight is approximately 36,500t. The TLP was designed to withstand hurricane force waves of 71ft and winds of 140mph, simultaneously. "Mars' initial project phase cost $1bn." The hull comprises four circular steel columns, which are 66.5ft in diameter and 162ft high, and four pontoons, 27ft wide and 24ft high, which connect the bottoms of the four columns. It weighs approximately 15,650t. The fabrication of the hull was completed by Belleli of Taranto, Italy. The deck is composed of five modules: the wellbay, living quarters, processing, power and drilling. It has an open-truss framing design, which is 245ft x 245ft x 45ft and weighs approximately 7,200t.

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Longditude 28.12
Latitude -89.16
Market Deepwater
Structure TLP
Hammer MHU 500T DWS
Pile Diameter 2.1 m / 84"
Water Depth 895 m / 2936 ft
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